Thursday, June 23, 2011

One More Year!

So we are exactly one year away from getting married! This time next year we will be getting ready to get married on the beach in sunny, beautiful Jamaica!

I have to say our decision to have a destination wedding is by far the best idea we have ever had! Where most couples (or brides-to-be) are stressing out and freaking out over all the details....hall, dress, flowers, centerpieces, colors, shoes, limo, etc....I have none of those!!! :)

I already have my dress thanks to my wonderful mom, I plan on being barefoot in the sand (only need some flip flops for walking around) and I could careless about the rest! I'm probably one of the least stressed brides-to-be ever!

I am just waiting for the airlines to post flights for next year, then I can find the best deal and let everyone know.

As the days go by, I get more excited to walk down the beach...with my loving fiance!

Only one more year to go!!!