Friday, January 14, 2011

My First Dress Shopping Experience

Yesterday my sister-in-law, April, and I went to a bridal dress shop to try on dresses. This is my first time ever trying on a wedding dress and boy was it weird! I must have tried on 20 different dresses of all styles because I never knew what I might like or what looks good on me. There were some really beautiful dresses, but I felt so odd in them. The lady at the shop said it's normal because I mean how often do you try on wedding dresses? Either way we had a blast and I found a couple that I really liked. Maggie Sottero was probably my favorite designer, she makes gorgeous dresses! I definitely found my favorite style too but I'm still going to be open since that was my first experience. I'm glad I brought April along because she has the same style an opinions as I do so it was easy to say which dresses we liked and we didn't. And it was nice to have someone I know see me half naked and staring at my butt each time she had to zip or tie up the back of a dress! Much better then having a stranger do it! She was definitely a trooper, got the blister on her fingers to prove it! :)

Out of all the dresses at this particular bridal shop, this is the dress I liked the most. But I'm going to keep on looking because nothing really gave me that WOW factor!
Maggie Sottero


Liliana said...

I LOVE this dress. It is just your style. You'd look fabulous in it!

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